DMP Express

Our line of business

  Our goal is to gain the trust of our customers, by offering high quality services.

  We specialize in FTL ( Full Truck Load ) and LTL ( Less Than Load ) transport services, operating throughout the EU.

   1.   FTL - Full Truck Load: This service is designed for companies that want to transport large volumes of goods.

   2.  LTL - Less Than Load: This type of transport contributes to the significant reduction of costs, the optimization of the storage space, the efficiency of the transit times as well as the reduction of the carbon emissions.

  If you have goods to transport to your customers regularly or occasionally, we can help you.
  We can help you optimize the operational costs of the logistics department by managing the connection between you and the carriers, taking transport orders directly from you and managing the transport process to the destination.
   We are looking for the right carrier for your goods. We keep in touch with the carriers throughout the transport and give you regular feedback on the status of the delivery.
  You set a budget for each load you want to transport and depending on this budget and the specifications of the load, we are looking for the right carrier.